Three views of me, in mirrors for sale outside a seaside gift shop in Mevagissey, Cornwall; 24 Oct 2012.

Landmarks?  Well, my cap, which is actually a designer piece (tho not bought with any knowledge of that), and which I’m told makes look like either a train driver or a Japanese soldier.

And then the lens that I’m wedded to – the 70-300.  And lastly, left of center, my trademark paunch, without which I’d have to change my name – actually I do have to lose weight but that’s another thing!

Nikon D700 with 70mm-300mm VR Nikkor at 70mm; 1600 ISO.


  1. This is great! It kind of plays with my mind that your expression looks different in the facial reflections. I also love the way the limited colour palette ties everything together.

    I read your comment about physics (which makes me feel physically sick as I don’t understand physics and have terrible memories of it from my school days) but I don’t get what you mean by your explanation.


    • Three of me – who could want anything less? And, yes, my expression does look a little different – you just can’t get the understudies these days …

      I’d gone straight for presenting this in mono, but decided that colour was really quite a bit better. It is a limited palette, which certainly helps – no distracting clashes of colour.

      I used to hate Physics too and really struggled to pass it at ‘A’ Level, and then wished it good riddance.

      The thing is – an image in any reflecting surface is as far behind the surface as the thing being reflected is in front of the surface. I can actually remember proving this in the Physics lab in school.

      So, if I’d focused on the reflections’ frames, the frames would have been in focus but I wouldn’t (and we can all see the positives for that approach). Because for focusing purposes, the reflections are not on the faces of the mirrors, but behind the mirrors. And, as you can see in the bottom mirror, I’m reasonably sharp, but the mirror frame and price tag are quite blurred. A


  2. An effective shot Adrian. I like it. I also like the hat, but don’t generally get on well with peaked caps as I knock them off when I bring my camera up to the eye. It’s true that this is usually with ‘baseball’ caps though.


    • Glad you like it, Dave – really a totally chance encounter with some mirrors! I never have any problems wearing this hat when using a camera – in fact, I make a point of wearing it when taking photos. As we discussed sometime back, its shade enables me to see more easily through the viewfinder. Adrian


    • No, Sallyann, the mirrors were just as they are – I just walked in front of them, saw myself in triplicate, shuddered and took a couple of frames. I’m no purist about such things, but I very rarely move any part of the photo I’m taking – to be honest it simply doesn’t occur to me to do so.

      I’ve moved intrusive fronds of grass in the countryside sometimes, but these are not part of the intended picture, they are obscuring the intended picture. And I’d obviously move things around when taking still lifes – which is something I may get into more if I retire – but other than that, that’s it.

      Glad you like the pic – thanks! Adrian


  3. Love the shot, love the hat! You’ve earned the paunch so love that, too. The only suggestion I might make is that if you have an “other half” do not be critical if they are in less than perfect shape. After all, who of us is?


    • Thanks, Paul, for your good words – if you like the hat you can’t be all bad!

      And the paunch thing, well I know I should reduce it – if I retire I think I’ll have a much better chance!

      But don’t understand your thoughts about the “other half” – what do you mean? Adrian


  4. Hello! Nice to see you at last paunch and all :). Who is not in need of reducing today?

    very creative way of presenting yourself I must say! How you managed 3 views,I am trying to figure it out. I think your cap reminds me of Japanese soldier.


    • Oh no, not another vote for the Japanese soldier!!! I’ll have to get a Samurai sword – or at least a Samurai fruit knife!

      Three photos of me? You’ve never had it so good! Simply three mirrors, pointing different ways.

      The thing to notice is that the frames of the mirrors are slightly out of focus – my reflections are the same distance behind the mirrors as I am in front – schoolboy physics at very long last proving useful!

      Thanks for your good thoughts. A


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