Rowing boat on The Cobb, Lyme Regis, Dorset; 3 Nov 2004.

The sunlit seat of the boat makes a powerfully gleaming, rectilinear shape on the left, which contrasts with both its curved shadow further right, and the darkness at the left of the frame.

The boat’s scratched and battered floor provides an abstract background – with a small but darkly gleaming sprig of wet seaweed adding the sole touch of (scarcely recogniseable) reality.

OM-4 with 21mm Zuiko; Fuji Provia 400 colour slide, rated at 1600 ISO; rotated 90 degrees anticlockwise.



      • All over the place, I’ve just come back from a trip to Lyme Regis so I’ve got a lot from there for the moment. I live just outside of Oxford but manage to get away on quite a few weekends each year, wherever I go my camera goes with me.


  1. Adrian, you are amazing! I don’t know of anyone else who gets such pleasure (and such spectacular results) from a simple rotation of the image that one expects, turning an interesting subject into an altogether unexpected and intriguing abstract. I reeeeally like this!


    • Steady on, Gary, or you’ll burst something!!! But thank you for your words.

      Its >>>always worth looking at images in varying orientations – various artists have done it in the past and displayed their paintings at the orientations they saw as looking best – and I see not the slightest reason for doing otherwise. Purists may say that so doing detracts from reality but, really, who cares one little bit? – we each do what suits us best – and, the bottom line, if it looks good, then it is good.

      Would you like me to send you a full quality jpeg of this image? If you would, email me on this blog’s email address – – and I’ll send you one. Thanks again. Adrian


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