The promenade and beach at Lyme Regis; 3 Nov 2004.

I love Lyme Regis very much, it is such a good looking and enjoyable place to be, especially on warm and sunny, Dorset days.  I used to come here as a child searching for the exciting fossils to be found on the beach.  And I have read The French Lieutenant’s Woman many times, but was a little disappointed by the film version. 

These days, I’m more likely to obtain my geological specimens in the several rock shops – and the difference is that I buy them now for their simple beauty, rather than their geological rarity or interest.  And then there’s hot Dorset Apple Cake with clotted cream (I’m getting fatter just thinking about it!), and walks around the lovely little town and out to The Cobb and, especially on bright days, the whole place simply heaves with photographic potential.

This picture was taken on a raised part of the promenade at Lyme, looking just about vertically downwards to another section of the promenade below.  On the right of the picture there is a further drop, down to the shingle on the beach.

This part of the promenade has been laid with pinkish setts and I have taken the image into mono and restored the colour in these paving blocks.  Then the rest of the image has been given a cyanotype tone.

The handrail on the right prevents daydreamers from strolling along the promenade and, where it becomes narrower, plunging straight down to the beach below.  For the purposes of this shot, it adds another, rather uncertain element to something that is already not far off an abstract composition.  Dark vignetting completes the shot.

OM-4 with 50mm Zuiko; Fuji Provia 400 colour slide, rated at 1600 ISO; convertion into mono, along with toning and colour restoration, in Silver Efex Pro 2.


    • Thanks for your good words, Mimi – but you know, I had to look up the meaning of “grungy”! There are times when I really don’t feel up to the more sophisticated side of this blogging lark >>>>> I should get out more!!!

      As always, good to hear from you! Adrian


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