Motorist in a Bristol car park; 10 Mar 2012.

Let me immediately hold my hand up and say that this is not a good picture – but I’m posting it to give an idea of what I was aiming at.  If I could just have got a little more definition in her face, all would be much better – or >>> perhaps >>> her diffuse definition, amongst the crisply defined mobility machines, is what this is all about.

I suppose I’m looking at unreality, with the pensive motorist cocooned within her metal and glass machine, and areas of the colour which show strangely through in opposing corners of the frame, and endless similar machines, seen through her car’s window, forming the backdrop. 

We are surrounded by – we are contained within and hemmed in by – our mechanised means of unnaturally enhanced mobility.  And whereas our machines are beautifully coloured and defined, we are colourless and fading – almost invisible now – inside this mechanised and mobile, metal and glass world. 

Canon G11 with zoom at 140mm (35mm equivalent); 200 ISO; converted to mono, and with partial colour restoration, in Silver Efex Pro 2.



  1. Hmm, some really interesting observations you make here, and things I feel quite strongly about as well – living in a ‘sterile’ world, surrounded and overwhelmed by our numbing technology, but let rather not get started, it’s way too early! Anyway, I like what you’re aiming to do with series (possibly?), and it’s well worth exploring different approaches. Keen to see some more of these!

    Btw, how’s the new office, and the travelling?


    • I’m glad you like what I said, JP – as I said to seekraz, I looked at what I’d created and the words kind of bubbled up >>> but I’ve no plans for a series (although a 4th picture from that car park will be posted in a little while) – well, we’ll see anyway.

      The new office starts tomorrow and we’ll see how it goes …..

      Hope you’re well and doing fine, man! Adrian


    • Well, keep on keeping on trying is the thing, Chloe! I do car shots now and again – when the mood takes me.

      By the way, Mike Moruzi was saying he’s very impressed with the photos of your’s that I reblogged >>> I think he’s following you too now. Thanks for your words! Adrian


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