Steps on The Cobb at Lyme Regis; 6 Nov 2008.

The Cobb is the great harbour wall – parts of which are at least 600 years old – at Lyme Regis.  Here are steps leading up from a lower part of The Cobb to a higher part – and I love the worn down nature of these steps – recalling the many thousands of people who have tramped up and down them over the centuries – which reminds me of the similarly worn stairs in Wells Cathedral, shown in the Somerset Levels 3 post.

Nikon F6 with 70mm-300mm VR Nikkor; Fuji Provia 400X colour slide, rated at 1600 ISO; converted to mono in Silver Efex Pro 2.



  1. Adrian, this is great in black & white. I love the light and the atmosphere in the shot, also love the composition – I like the way the steps divide the shot, separating the (to me) very distinct stonework on the two section of the wall. Also the leaning angle of the steps give the shot a unique character. I REALLY like this!!!


    • Thanks, Graham – that’s exactly what it is – the leaning steps separate two very different types of stonework.

      If you like this picture, would you like me to send you a top quality jpeg, I’d be very happy to do so – let me know – by emailing this blog at:

      Thanks again. Adrian


  2. Ah, this is superb man. There’s a bit of everything that makes b&w such a desirable format, the brooding atmosphere, the dark shapes offset by patches of light, a sense of grittiness, it’s all right there, making this a fantastic shot. Great work, my friend!


    • Thanks very much, man, you certainly have a way of commenting on photos, I like the way in which you really analyse what you like/dislike, and then articulate those thoughts.

      And talking b/w and hence SEP, I’ve had a comment from Mike Moruzi (which I don’t think I’ve posted yet) backing up my thoughts on SEP – take a good look at this software – it is of course what I used on the picture from The Cobb. Hope you’re having a good weekend! Adrian


    • Thanks very much, Dave! I love Lyme Regis, a really wonderful little place – I was a geologist in an earlier life, and so as well as the place and its history and photographic potential, I’m also powerfully drawn to the rocks, fossils and minerals – and I’m completely in love with Dorset too! Thanks again. Adrian


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